The Art of Randomness in Wedding Photography

Everything has to be perfect according to plan. Most of the times weddings have to put up with that pressure, but you know that’s not always true. Unplanned things happen all the time; sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. You shouldn’t fear randomness, instead, celebrate its beauty in your wedding—whether it’s an uninvited guest or candid wedding photography.

What is randomness?

Chance, uncertainty, randomness—they all point to the lack of predictability in life. Humanity is saturated with randomness that leads to both great and civilization-destroying events.

Movies and literature often use randomness as a plot device. Few good movies depict the beautiful but sometimes terrifying randomness of chance. A good example is No Country for Old Men, a movie directed by the Coen brothers adapted from Cormac McCarthy’s book of the same name.

In science, it’s used in experiments to achieve certain results. In photography such as candid wedding photography, it’s used to depict people who are caught off guard through Jessie Dains photography. Australia’s best wedding photographer is the one who’s skilled in capturing that.

Meanwhile, in games, politics, mathematics, and social events, it’s often used to avoid bias and practice fairness. No one predetermines the randomness of chances—that’s why it’s fair.

Importance of practicing it in life

Planning is essential to complete tasks and achieve important goals in our society today. Well-thought of events are often seen as superior to those that “go along the way”. That’s why randomness often gets a bad rep, especially in making big decisions. However, practicing random in our daily lives and in small amounts in big events wouldn’t hurt.

Does practicing randomness every once in a while do us good?

As Oliver Burkeman of The Guardian believes, randomness helps us save time when making tiny choices. For major decisions, randomness is a reminder of how we should humble ourselves because we’ll never know what comes next. It acknowledges the importance and complexity of life and decisions.

Practicing randomness in important events such as weddings can put a calming charm and excitement on what could be a nerve-wracking, no-colouring-beyond-the-lines event. As what was mentioned, weddings can be stressful pertaining to the “everything has to go according to plan” belief system.

Meanwhile, inability to recognize and produce randomness is a human weakness recognized by Mathematician William Poundstone. In order to overcome it, he states that we must also overcome predictability.

Randomness in Weddings

Who wants a predictable wedding? Tradition is not bad, but randomness can be good to spice things up. How do you incorporate randomness in your wedding?

Candid wedding photography

Candid wedding photography is about people being themselves when they are not told what to do, which is beautiful. It could be a stolen look from your groom or bride when you’re having a speech or your grandmother wiping a tear away from her cheek during your wedding vows.

If you’re in Australia, for example, you can hire popular wedding photographers in Brisbane. Brisbane’s best wedding photographer is the one who sees the beauty of people being captured in candid moments.


Even though some people hate it, a surprise will always put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Unless it’s really a bad surprise. Don’t grow old, attend a friend’s wedding, and say “I wish I did that gimmick in my wedding!”

There are many ideas on the internet on how to give surprises in weddings. However, of course, figuring out what makes your partner or your loved ones happy is the first and most important step. Ironically, good surprises are planned, but the aftermath of revealing it in a usually planned event like weddings is absolutely refreshing. Check out

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