Writing Tools for Better Penmanship: Guidelines on Utilizing Fountain Pens

While fountain pens may appear an archaic tool for writing, the fact is that they retain a huge and devoted following. Even with the gel pens and the ballpoint pens being readily available in the market and even going at a cheaper price, people are still reaching for the fountain pens. Therefore, fountain pens inks and the pens as well continue to create business for many individuals in the sector. There are various reasons why these pens remain a favorite for many people.

fountain pens inks

Benefits of using fountain pens

Some of the advantages of fountain pens that may have you consider using them for your writing include:

#1: Smoother writing abilities

If you are looking for the best writing experience, then fountain pens are there to provide it. This is because they are among the best smoothest writing instruments in the market. Well, sometimes the experience with your writing will depend on the quality of the paper. Therefore, if you have a nice paper, you will be able to enjoy a smooth writing with a fountain pen.

#2: Variety of fountain pens inks available

Another reason why you may have to consider using a fountain pen is that you have many fountain pens inks to choose from as compared to ballpoint pens options. With the many ink color brands in the market, you will be sure not to miss one that suits your taste. Among the popular fountain pen inks include J.Herbin fountain pen ink, Aurora black fountain pen ink, and platinum-carbon pen ink among others.

#3: Many design options

There is a wide range of styles options to choose from when it comes to fountain pens. Therefore, you can define your style that is unique from the people around you. With the many color options, different body materials, unique filling systems and different nib designs, one can pick your unique style. Click here Notedian

How to enjoy using your fountain pen for longer

Caring for your fountain pen is essential if you want to have it for a longer period. This saves you the cost of buying a new pen or having to replace the nib. Good fountain pens care involves cleaning and storing them properly. Cleaning fountain pens is important to enhance the capillary action. Generally, these pens use the capillary action to write hence if the dust, fibers and dried ink accumulate in the nib and the feed area, then the capillary action is inhibited. This is why cleaning is needed.

Proper cleaning of a fountain pen

If the pen is in the right functioning condition and no ink is to be changed, just uncap it, separate the nib from the barrel then proceed with the basic cleaning. This will involve rinsing it, soaking it in water as you change the water until it becomes clear, drying it and the reassembling.

Fountain pen storage

It is always advisable to place the nib with the writing side facing up when not using the pen. This will ensure that the nib does not dry or clog since you allow the ink to drain to the converter. To avoid scratches on the pen, you can store it in a case or pouch. This protects its finish making it look new always. See more at https://notedian.com/collections/bottled-ink/